Concreting & Floor Prep

Boxing -Concrete
Boxing -Concrete -Pegs
Brick/Paver Cutter – Hydraulic Guillotine
Bullfloat(with handle) -900mm
Bullfloat(with handle) -1200mm
Cement Mixer -Electric -No.1 -Westmix 2.2c/ft
Cement Mixer -Electric -No.2 -Westmix 2.2c/ft
Cement Mixer -Petrol -No.2 -Westmix 2.2c/ft
Concrete Grinder -ELECTRIC Drive Motor
Concrete Grinder -Disc Blue/Trip Hazard Removal –
Concrete Grinder -Disc Grey/24 Grit GP
Concrete Grinder -Disc Purple/Rapid Glue and Paint
Concrete Grinder -Disc Yellow/120 Grit Smooth
Concrete Grinder -Additional Blade Wear
Concrete Mesh Tie Tool
DemoSaw -Husqvarna K970 400mm
Demo Saw -No.11 -TS 700 Stihl 14 inch Broom -Concreters
Diamond Core Drill -3 Speed -1800W
Float –Mag
HV44-Handy Vibe
Jackhammer -950 -Milwalke No.2
Jackhammer -950 -Tile Lifter -75mm/3 inch
Jackhammer -950 -Vinyl Remover
Jackhammer -H65 -No. 7
Jackhammer -H65 -No. 8
Jackhammer -H65 -No. 9
Jackhammer -H65 -No.10
Jackhammer -H65 -Point&Chisel
Jackhammer -H65 -Spade
Jackhammer -H65 -Star Picket Driver
Jackhammer-H65 -Tile Chisel 3 inch
Jackhammer -HM1800 -Chisel -Suit Makita and Air
Jackhammer -HM1800 -Point -Suit Makita and Air
Jackhammer -950 -Milwaukee
Jackhammer -Air -60lb -Atlas Copco
Jackhammer -Air -90lb
Jackhammer Trolley –Universal
Screed -1.5m
Screed -1.8m
Screed -2.4m
Screed -3.0m
Screed -3.6m
Trowel -Brickies
Trowel -Edge
Trowel -Groover
Trowel -Steel
Trowel -Walking / Wip(with handle)
Trowel –Wood
Trowelling Machine -No.2 -38 inch Flextool -Comb Blades
Trowelling Machine -No.3 -40 inch Master Finish -Finishing blades