Landscaping & Gardening

Here at SB Hire and Sales we are have a great range of Landscaping and Gardening Supplies for all of your backyard and construction project needs!

20kg Bagged – Firewood
20mm White Quartz
60mm – 120mm Drainage Aggregate
Bags -Pick & Fill – 20L – Pick from any of our Bulk Landscape Items
Bark -Hardwood Chip
Bark -Pine -1 inch Slash
Clean Fill
Crusher Dust
Fire Wood -Red Iron Bark
Garden Soil
Loam -Top Dressing
Mushroom Compost

Premix -10mm
Premix -15mm
Road Base
Rock -10mm Screenings
Rock -20mm Screenings
Rock -20/40mm Rubble
Rock -Brown Aggregate 14mm
Rock -Brown Aggregate 20mm
Rock -River -14mm
Rock -Sugar and Spice Granite -20mm
Sand -Block -Fine White
Sand -Coarse River / Bedding

Retail Landscape Supplies

Rocky Point Products:
Coco Pro Potting Mix
Blood & Bone
Red Cypress
Tea Tree Mulch 
Sugar Cane Mulch 

Lawn Care Products:
Acelepryn – GR Granular Insecticide – 4kg
Weedmaster Duo Glyphosate 360
X-Xtra – Iron Fertiliser – Liquid 6%
5kg – Fertiliser with Slow Release Nitrogen
Dicamba M Selective Fertiliser
Scotts – Handy Green – Fertilizer Spreaders